A Seasonal Meditation


Seasons fighting for space..

The transition of seasons has begun. As always it comes upon us so fast that I am surprised at its approach. The cool mornings nipping at the edges of the windows. The sleepy people pulling their bedding up to cover their noses. In this space time slows down, comes a slow churn, and movement recoiling from the premonition of frost, cold, and ice.

In the morning I grip my coffee mug closer to my chest and light a morning fire to soften the edges of cold that has begun seeping through the walls of the house.

Transitional times are a thriving, powerful, place for me. I am comfortable in the in-between spaces that envelop Appalachia. As a queer person I understand intimately the experience of fluidity and transitions, of living in the in-between, and often on the edge. Truly on the edge is where the wild things are and a spirit ancient, wise, and strong, inhabits that field.

As Mother Appalachia transitions out of summer and into fall, and then again to winter in the days to come, it is well to spend some quiet time reflecting on the inner rhythms of our life. Where are we in the transition of our personal seasons? Are doors closing, or are there doors that should be closing, but by our stubborn will being kept ajar? Have we walked through a shadowed valley of late and though it grows winter on the earth we find our spirits feeling the warmth of process coming to fruition?

It’s all drag..

The Earth is a master shape-shifter. She is in constant evolution. These times of murkiness, of peering through a glass darkly, or the brief flash of lightning, are teachers that all is not as it seems. The Spirit moves across the waters yet again and a new creation is coming forth. We are not as we seem either. We identify so strongly with our identities, labels, and titles, that no longer serve us. Often we tell ourselves stories about our lives that are forging a self fulfilled prophecy of a life void of abundance, love, and contentedness.

You awake each day and have the power to choose to narrate the story in a different light. True it is that we can not change much of our worlds, and we needn’t. Our most powerful working is in our attitude. Our power is in coming into ourselves and mastering our perspectives about the world that we are navigating.


I urge you  to take this time to let your old self fall off gracefully like that of our sister summer, and choose a new story that will be a benefactor to your vision. Take heed of your first Mother, watch her shift in all her glory, and take note that if the Earth can remain the Earth and change her face that you can remain you and shift into a new season.

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