A Queer Myth For Modern Times

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In the beginning, when the People were still young, when they lived with the Animal People and Plant People, all was well. The People lived in balance, and what they took from the Great Mother they attempted to give back to her in offerings and prayers and thanks. They took no thought for the tomorrows and their children grew strong and happy in that world.

After much time had passed in this world there were among the People those who asked if this was all there was to be. They began to wonder what it would be like to have ownership over the Animal People and over the Land. They began to gather in secret to talk of forbidden things – of things that would soon prove to change the way of the People.

The Higher Powers had foreseen the coming of Greed and had sent out an alarm among the Animal People and Plant People. Those of the People who knew of the secret meetings of their kin called another meeting and began to talk of divisive things – of things that would soon prove to change the way of the People.

While each Clan began to meet opposite the other there was a great unrest that was felt throughout the nations. Children began to fear as they had never known a time when the People had sought to be cunning – what was this that the People would plan in secret against the other? The Mothers soon began to take their children into their homes earlier in the evening as the Light in that world began to fade. The People began to fear and as their fear grew so their Spirit began to grow smaller.

Tension grew between the two clans. Those who had thought it well to Rule over the Animal and Plant people grew restless with the need for action, and those who sought to isolate them from the larger People grew restless with the need to Defend. So it was that when the Light had dawned again in that world that the two clans met in a field of wheat to war. Though they new nothing of war they would soon know what it was like to fall prey to wars inebriation. And so they fought and they pulled and bit and chewed and clawed and found stick and stone and branch and beast to help support the war of each of their own cause.

In the raging of the First War a beam of Light struck the field between the opposing Clans and out of that Light came One Who Walks Between. One Who Walks Between was neither woman nor man – but a different person all together. She had lived among the People for as long as the People had known themselves. She had been transformed at an early age – though she was born with the face of a boy and without breasts a Spirit had come to her early in her years and called her to transform and become One Who Walks Between. She had many gifts, most of which she had not understood until now- the Spirit told her that she would Heal the People. It was only now in this dark time that she had come to know what sickness was, and that it begins in the Heart.

She spoke in a Voice that all the People could hear, “So we have come to this? That we fight brother against sister, mother against son, father against daughter? You who would have ruled over the Plant and Animal People were not wrong in your thought – for there is much in the thoughts of the People. It was in your secrecy that delusion befell you. And those of you who met against them in secret – it was not that you thought it wrong to Rule, but that you met in secret against your brethren. It was in your secrecy that delusion befell you. I have walked among you all of my life and I, in many ways, see much more than you. I am neither man nor woman – but am that which was made to see beyond these. I have walked the Spirit Roads to the North that you have yet to Walk, and I have sat atop the Mountains and met with the Spirits that dwell therein. I have spoken with the Trees and asked of their Medicine in the coming times when Sickness will befall us. I have lived with you, but I have also lived apart from you –  and this is my gift; that I am One Who Walks Between. I walk between Man and Woman, Matter and Spirit, Upper and Lower, Right and Wrong, Justice and Sin. Hear me my People; sickness has entered into our hearts and we will be forever changed.”

With that One Who Walks Between left the People and began to walk toward the looming mountains of the North. There was a great cry from the People and the two Clans made peace that day. They made offerings and prayers of Thanks to the Higher Powers and Spirit Folk who had made One Who Walks Between to live among them while she was with them and they prayed that when the People were in need of healing that One Who Walks Between would return from her journeys between worlds to help Heal them once more.

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