Coaching Services

Let’s do a little bit of qualifying here:

First, I do not have a certificate stating that I am a Life Coach. Good, that’s out of the way. What I do have is an incredibly complex amount of life experience that qualifies me to help you reach your most authentic self. I specialize specifically in LGBTQ+ folk, however have helped cis-heterosexual folk as well.

I began playing with gender, and trying to understand my sexual identity, around sixteen years old. I began to struggle around an inner awareness that I wasn’t completely “male.” That I was something other.

I began to use narcotics heavily around eighteen in an effort to quiet that strangeness that was inside of me. I couldn’t cope with the anxiety, depression, isolation, and moral attitudes that my society was placing on me. Narcotics became my escape and I followed them down an incredibly dark and twisted path.

I found myself in recovery four years later. My drug addiction had progressed to the point that I was facing another stint in rehab, had almost lost my job again, was getting evicted from my apartment, and my addiction had become the new normal for my family. I was at my bottom. I had a vision when I attempted to use drugs intravenously. I saw myself face down in a ditch and an inner voice came over me and intuited to me that if I were to continue down this same road that I would die; soon.


Recovery gave me the tools to stay clean and begin to look deeply at who I was. I began my search for other queer folk who were walking a spiritual path and my world was shattered. I drew the Tower Card.

No one had told me that for thousands of years the indigenous people of the different lands had not only spoken about their queer folk, but had seen them as sacred and needed. I learned that I had a history, and a legacy. A well of spiritual power to draw from that had been hidden from me.

By studying the various traditions, roles, and functions, of our queer ancestors, I began to heal. Layers of self acceptance enveloped me. Today I believe it is one of my tasks to give back what I have learned from those that have gone before us. I want to help you find your authentic self.

Won’t you start your journey today?

Coaching works on a sliding scale. I fit the services around your capabilities.




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